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loovely™ - Waist Sculptor (3 Gifts)

loovely™ - Waist Sculptor (3 Gifts)

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✔️ 3 Free Gifts!

✔️ Targets Waist & Arms!

✔️ 30-Day No Risk guarantee!

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Over 10,000 happy customers love the Waist Sculptor

It's time for a change, and you know it.

Workouts don't have to be intense, big commitments and uninteresting anymore. 

We are here to help you trim your waistline, tone your abs, and achieve that hourglass figure you've always desired.

  • Includes a free Workout eBook and a free Waist Measurer to track your progress!

Get your dream body without the gym.

Everyone secretly hates the long commute to the gym and the intimidating workouts.

Our product eliminates all of this, you to get a quick workout in from the comfort of your own home so you don't lose that spark of motivation you get everyday.

  • While our twisting disc does focus on the waist, it also hits all primary muscle groups.

Tone your body in no time 

We know you're busy a lot. It is hard to try and fit in time for a workout 3-4 times a week with so many responsibilities.

That's why we've designed the Waist Trainer Disc, specifically for those busy mums who have a lot of time for others but leave little to themselves.

Why choose us?

Over months of rigorous quality assurance and product testing we have managed to successfully separate our product from others on the market through sheer quality.

We designed the Waist Sculptor with toughness in mind, it is built to last and is more durable than any other similar product you can find. We operate under strict quality control so every product we send meets the highest standards.

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Real People. Real Results


Lauren G.

"So happy with my transformation, couldn't believe the results I was getting just after a few weeks of consistency!"

Size 14 to Size 10


Carrie M.

"Incredible. Fits right into my day, 10 mins every morning before work and already seeing a difference in my waist"

Size 12 to Size 8


Alicia T.

"Use it almost everyday while watching telly. Even took it on a local holiday it's so portable and easy to use!"

Size 14 to Size 10


Lisa S.

"Losing weight better than i ever have before AND I have gotten rid of all the fat on my hips, arms and legs! Highly Recommend!"

Size 12 to Size 8


Venessa R.

"I love it so much, I really didn't think it would have this much of an affect!"

Size 14 to Size 8


Said they feel an improvement in mobility with the Waist Sculptor.*
Results from a 10,000+ customer survey.


How fast will I see results?

This varies depending on the customer but we have had customers see results as soon as a week after consistent use!

How long is delivery?

We ship our products out within 24hours of the order being confirmed.

It only takes 5-7 business days for you to get the product!

How well does this work?

Our Twisting Disc is designed to focus exactly on the areas that matter. Toning up and trimming fat around the waist, legs and arms, so that you get that hourglass figure that you've always wanted.

Does it fit all feet sizes?

Yes, our disc fits all feet/shoe shapes and sizes and is equipped with a non-slip material!

Does it come with the draw strings?

Yes! Our Twisting Disc comes with draw strings so that you can do even more workouts that target your arms, abs and shoulders!

How easy are returns?

We take a lot of pride in how great our customer service.

Although we know that you'll love the product, if you don't, we guarantee the return process is the most seamless one you'll ever experience.

Is there a guarentee?

We have an risk-free 30-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product!

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact our award-winning customer support and ask for a full refund.

Is there a weight limit?

The Waist Sculptor is extremely durable and built to last! It can hold up to 180kg!

Customer Reviews

Based on 473 reviews
glad i got the bundle! x

finally decided to get the waist sculptor, glad i got the bundle deal! been following the workout booklet you get and its been a breeze. glad i got back into the routine of exercising. thanks loovely xx

Honestly Love It!!

This is the only home fitness tool I've ever been able to stick to. I'm always wary of these products as they seem too good to be true but i actually find this one really fun so I can stick to it so much easier. Lost 3 inches off my waist and a couple pounds in just 12 days of 10 mins daily!!! If you're on the fence go for it!!!


Huge motivation booster! I'm 54 and can't go to the gym everyday so this has been an amazing way to stay mobile and keep young. I've got a bad back and hips so having a low impact way to exercise has been a lifesaver... I'm already feeling the effects after just a couple weeks!! Honestly can't recommend it enough


go this from lovely last week and absolutely love it so far. used it a few times already and i feel it in my core and arms! xx


Have only done one workout so far, but I am loving this and the different type of exercises you can do!!!

cant recommend this enough!

arrived the other day, been using it every couple of days. you can feel the burn straight away! looking forward to seeing some results xx

Amelia E.

This has been an amazing addition to my workout routine. It's helped me focus on areas I had trouble with before. Definitely worth every penny!

Aria E.

I was worried about starting something new at my age, but this has been gentle and very effective.